1. Laurie Carlson

    Good perspective Lindsey !

    As a former “barn Mom,” I would add how important it is for the rider (especially the younger ones) to be prepared for the lesson.

    More specifically, as the Mom of a young rider, especially encourage rest and nutrition the day before the lesson. Also instill a sense of respect for the upcoming lesson which would include having your riding clothing and gear ready to go the day prior to the lesson. Make sure to allow for plenty of time to arrive EARLY to your lesson, so you can groom and prepare your horse. Most importantly ,connect with your trainer prior to the lesson to discuss expectations and take time to evaluate how the lesson went afterwards.

    If you practice these few steps as a young rider, they will become invaluable for your long term success and enjoyment .

  2. I think we are soul sisters. This is the exact reason I write the Confessions of a Timid Rider series. I’m not a timid rider, not really. But I get too in my head and don’t always roll with things. This happened the other day when we went into a ring we hadn’t used in a year. New footing, new everything. Delight was fine. But I wasn’t. So I smacked my helmet to get myself out of my head, took a deep breath, and just did it. And we had a blast!

    • Lindsey

      Yes! That’s exactly how it happens! And it’s good when you can catch it like that when you still have some ride left to enjoy.

  3. […] Natural flight and prey animals, horses notice our nerves.  There will be things that happen outside of your realm of control when riding.  But if you are already smart about safety and boundaries, you are as prepared as you’ll ever be.  So, relax.  Horses are more instinctually intuitive about danger than anything else.  This is their natural defense mechanism in the wild, so they know how to read others very well.  So, to counteract any nerves, take a deep breath, and focus on the outcome you want, not the outcome you fear.  Read more about how to deal with riding jitters in my article How to Not Lose Your Nerve in a Lesson. […]

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